Support services for refugees

Find help easily

How does clarat work?

First of all, just enter the problem you need help with. Or whatever it is that's worrying you. Or choose from our categories. And we'll show you all the relevant support services offers in your neighbourhood. We'll also tell you how to get this support. For example, if you should call or write an email. Or, just stop by.

Who is clarat for?

clarat is for everyone. clarat family for children, teenagers and families. clarat refugees for refugees. Here you'll find the right support if you're looking for help. For yourself, your family or your friends. Or for any other people you know who need help.

Why does clarat exist?

It's easy to find help with clarat. In Germany, there are a lot of support services for children, teenagers and families. As well as for refugees. But they're often very hard to find. We want to help you find the help you need. You should search on clarat family if you're looking for help for your family. And on clarat refugees if you're looking for help for refugees.