Fail for girls

for girls

What's this about?

Do you feel alone, do you want to like other girls know? When open Mädchentreff you can meet other girls. You can do many things here. For example, theater, sports and music. There is always a staff member there for you. You can tell her about your problems.

The staff here know lots about these topics:

  • Leisure time

What do you have to do?

You can come easily.

How can you get in touch?

  • Telephone: 030 61 50 72 61
  • Telephone: 030 61 50 72 61

Where can you get more information online?

What languages do they speak?

  • German - Deutsch

Where can you get this help?

Wassertor Straße 48
10969 Berlin

This is a support service provided by:

When can you do that?


Entry last modified on 01.12.2015

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