Telephone counseling for victims of home violence - day and night

for mothers

What's this about?

Is there violence at home? And do you need help? Here you can call and talk about it. The employees listen to you. Together you think about what you can do. And she tells you where to get more help. For example, where the next women's home is. You can also make an appointment with an employee. Then you can meet in a safe place.

The staff here know lots about these topics:

  • Emergency
  • Domestic violence

What do you have to do?

Call them and talk about your worries. You can ask for an interpreter who speaks your language.

This is what the service provider calls this support service: BIG Hotline

How can you get in touch?

Where can you get more information online?

What languages do they speak?

  • German - Deutsch
  • more languages upon request

Additional information

Where can you get this help?

When can you do that?


Entry last modified on 06.04.2017

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