Help for children and adolescents with constant truancy

for families

What's this about?

you often skipped school? Or is your child a truant and you want me to change? When psychoeducational parent-pupil seminar - PEDES helps to children and adolescents who play truant. A therapist comes to the child home. And speaking with the truant about why he is often missing in school. Together they find a solution. So that the child enjoys going to school.

The staff here know lots about these topics:

  • Parenting
  • Chronic truancy

What do you have to do?

You can call here and inform you. It tells you what you need to do to get this help. And if the offer costs a little for you.

How can you get in touch?

  • Telephone: 030 21 64 02 8
    Fax: 030 21 57 63 5

Where can you get more information online?

What languages do they speak?

  • German - Deutsch

Where can you get this help?

Dudenstraße 10
10965 Berlin

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