Counseling for families in housing

for parents

What's this about?

Is your family on the verge of losing the apartment? Or you are already homeless and looking for an apartment? In the information center you can get help. The staff give you advice. For example, in housing or money problems. Or if you have high rent arrears. They support you even in applications. For example for authorities. And they tell you where you can get additional help.

The staff here know lots about these topics:

  • Accommodation

What do you have to do?

Go past during the opening times.

How can you get in touch?

  • Telephone: 030 53 15 68 50

Where can you get more information online?

What languages do they speak?

  • German - Deutsch

Where can you get this help?

Beratungsstelle für Wohnungsnotfälle und Existenzsicherung
Vorderhaus, 3. Etage
Gneisenaustraße 2
10961 Berlin

This is a support service provided by:

When can you do that?


On Fridays there are office hours by appointment only.

Entry last modified on 05.10.2017

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